10 Tips for Maximizing Storage Space in a Small Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, one of the biggest challenges homeowners face is maximizing storage space, especially in small kitchens. Whether you’re working with a limited budget or just limited square footage, it can be difficult to create a functional and organized space that meets your needs.

Fortunately, there are many strategies and design elements you can incorporate into your small kitchen remodel in Greenville, RI, to maximize storage. In this article, we’ll share 10 tips for maximizing storage space in a kitchen remodel.

How do I maximize space in my kitchen remodel?

Small kitchen spaces can pose unique challenges when it comes to maximizing storage. From utilizing every inch of space to choosing the right cabinets, these tips will help you create a kitchen that meets your needs and looks beautiful.

1. Use every inch of the space

When it comes to maximizing storage space in a small kitchen, it’s important to use every inch of available space. This means incorporating storage solutions into every nook and cranny, including the backs of doors, corners, and even above cabinets. Installing floating shelves, utilizing wall-mounted racks and hooks, and adding cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling are all great ways to make the most of your space.

2. Choose multifunctional furniture

When space is limited, it’s essential to choose furniture that can serve multiple functions. For example, consider adding a kitchen island that can double as a dining table, or choose a table with built-in storage solutions. This can help save valuable floor space while still providing you with the storage and functionality you need.

3. Optimize your pantry

If you have a pantry in your small kitchen, optimizing this space can help you maximize storage. Consider adding pull-out drawers, installing adjustable shelves, or using clear containers to help you see what’s inside. You can also use the back of the pantry door to hang a spice rack or other small storage solutions.

4. Utilize vertical storage

In a small kitchen, it’s important to utilize vertical space as much as possible. This means adding shelving or cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling, as well as using tall pantry cabinets and narrow pull-out cabinets. Installing a pegboard or magnetic knife strip on the wall is also a great way to keep your kitchen tools organized and easily accessible.

5. Choose the right cabinets

Opt for cabinets with deep drawers and pull-out shelves, as well as cabinets with built-in organizers for pots, pans, and other kitchen tools. You can also choose cabinets with glass fronts to create an open and airy feel.

6. Add a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a great way to maximize space in a small kitchen. These rotating trays can be installed in corner cabinets to make it easy to access items that would otherwise be difficult to reach. They’re perfect for storing spices, canned goods, and other small items.

7. Invest in drawer organizers

Drawer organizers are a must-have for any small kitchen. They can help you keep your utensils, spices, and other small items organized and easily accessible. You can choose from a variety of organizers, including ones designed specifically for knives, utensils, and baking sheets.

8. Consider open shelving

Open shelving is a popular design trend that can also help you maximize storage. By removing cabinet doors, you can create an open and airy feel while also showcasing your favorite kitchen items. Just be sure to keep your shelves organized and clutter-free to avoid a messy look.

9. Use color to your advantage

Choosing the right colors for your small kitchen can also help you utilize more space. Opt for light, bright colors like white or pale gray to create a spacious and airy feel. You can also choose cabinets and countertops in the same color to create a cohesive look that makes the space feel larger.

10. Get creative

Think outside the box and consider unique storage solutions that fit your specific needs. For example, you could add a magnetic knife holder to the side of your refrigerator, install a narrow pull-out cabinet between your fridge and wall, or add hooks to the underside of your cabinets to hang mugs or utensils.


Who can I trust with my kitchen remodel in Greenville, RI?

At Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build, we’re passionate about creating beautiful and functional kitchen spaces that bring our clients’ visions to life. With years of experience in the industry, our team of expert designers and builders takes a client-focused approach to every project, working closely with homeowners to understand their unique needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen’s look with a trendy design or completely remodel your space near Kimball Reservoir or another area, we’ve got the expertise and skill to transform your space into the heart of your home.

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2023

As we begin a new year, many homeowners are looking to update their homes with the latest design trends. One of the most popular areas of the home to remodel is the kitchen, which is often considered the heart of the home.

The kitchen is where we cook, eat, and gather with family and friends, so it’s important to create a space that is functional, stylish, and comfortable. In this article, expert kitchen remodelers in Greenville, RI, take a look at the top kitchen remodeling trends of 2023 and explore how you can incorporate them into your own kitchen renovation project.

What are the top kitchen remodeling trends of 2023?

Trends in kitchen design are always changing and evolving. Here we’ll delve deeper into each of these top of 2023 and explore how you can incorporate them into your own remodeling project.

1. Bold colors and patterns

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design for 2023 is the use of bold colors and patterns. Instead of the traditional white or neutral color schemes, homeowners are opting for vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns. This trend is all about making a statement and creating a kitchen that is truly unique. Whether you choose to go bold with your backsplash, cabinets, or countertops, incorporating vibrant colors and patterns can help bring your kitchen to life.

2. Multifunctional islands

Kitchen islands have been a popular design feature for years, but this year, they’re becoming even more versatile. Many homeowners are choosing to add multifunctional islands to their kitchens, which can serve as a workspace, dining area, and even a storage solution. Some of the most popular features for these islands include built-in sinks, stovetops, and seating areas.

3. Sustainable materials

Eco-friendly design is more important than ever, and in 2023, sustainable materials are taking center stage in kitchen design. From bamboo and reclaimed wood to recycled glass and concrete, there is a wide range of materials available that are both stylish and environmentally conscious. Choosing sustainable materials for your kitchen remodel can not only help reduce your carbon footprint but also add a unique and interesting texture to your space.

4. Smart appliances

As technology continues to advance, smart appliances are becoming more common in the kitchen. From refrigerators with built-in touchscreens to voice-activated ovens, these appliances are designed to make your life easier and more convenient. Not only do they offer a wide range of features and functions, but they can also help you save energy and reduce your utility bills.

5. Minimalist design

While bold colors and patterns are certainly on-trend this year, there’s also a growing interest in minimalist design. This trend is all about creating a sleek, clutter-free space that is both functional and beautiful. From clean lines and simple color palettes to open shelving and hidden storage solutions, there are a variety of ways to incorporate minimalism into your kitchen remodel.

Who are the go-to kitchen remodelers in Greenville, RI?What-are-the-top-kitchen-remodeling-trends-of-2023

At Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build, we specialize in creating beautiful and functional spaces that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our experienced team of designers and builders works closely with homeowners to create customized design-build solutions that reflect their personal style and enhance their daily lives.

From concept to completion, we handle every aspect of the process, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed to perfection. No matter if you need help with maximizing your kitchen storage or choosing the right kitchen design for your property near Waterman Reservoir or another part of town, our team has you covered!