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Professionals at Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build is a several-decade-long experienced team in providing bathroom renovation and remodeling services to our clients in South Kingstown and beyond. Our knowledgeable designers and remodelers employ cutting-edge techniques to deliver the highest level of comfort to our clients. The design plan is always developed in coordination with our clients and incorporates their most important preferences.
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Benefits of hiring our team of experienced bathroom remodelers and designers

We always strive to deliver maximum value to our clients. Our many successful renovations and remodels have brought us numerous accolades, including those from organizations such as NKBA, RIBA, NARI, NAHB, Northern RI Chamber of Commerce, and Pro New England. These awards solidified our confidence in the model we developed over the years:

  • Carefully navigated process: We make sure that each part of our work is carefully executed so that our clients can experience maximum happiness.

  • Client-oriented communication: Our experts make sure that all of our South Kingstown clients’ requests are addressed in a timely manner.

  • Masterful renovation contractors: Our team has received rigorous training and is ready to employ all their skill and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

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Experiment with different styles with our virtual designer

Our virtual designer is our online tool that will help you in coming up with your ideal bathroom design.

Enjoy bathroom remodeling by discovering styles for:

  • Countertops

  • Sinks

  • Vanities

What our bathroom remodeling process consists of in South Kingstown?

We always strive to be the best in our trade. Over the years, we developed and refined a three-step approach to bathroom renovations and remodels:

Get informed about the process

Our specialists will schedule a phone consultation regarding your South Kingstown home and inform you about bathroom renovation options.

Use our showroom for inspiration

Our specialized showroom plays the crucial role of giving you ideas on what your new and updated space could look like. We’ll incorporate your feedback.

Our renovation contractors are at your disposal

Once you decide on your bathroom design, the bathroom remodeling project is ready to go. We’ll make sure you’re fully satisfied in the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does bathroom remodel increase home value?

A lot of South Kingstown residents experienced significant boosts in the market appeal of their homes after they upgraded their bathrooms. How large the return on investment would be in your particular case depends primarily on the scale of the project. People who opted for entire home renovations can see even higher value increases.

How do I choose a bathroom designer?

It is of vital importance to choose the right team of experts for your bathroom renovation project. Choose a company that  will take charge of the entire process. Take into account how they fare on the following grounds:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Client testimonials
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Insurance and warranties

What is the most cost-effective way to remodel a bathroom?

If you want to remodel your bathroom for as little as possible, you should select lower cost items. This way, you will save significant amounts of money that would have been spent on purchasing more expensive materials. Our team will help you find the most cost-effective materials that fit your budget.

How can I make my bathroom more elderly-friendly?

We all know it may be particularly hard for seniors to use the bathroom. If you want to make your bathroom more accessible to older people, consider introducing the following amenities:

  • Lever faucets
  • Sprayer attachment on your shower
  • Grab rails and bars
  • Higher toilet
  • Thick rugs for cushioning
  • Bath rugs and mats that prevent slipping
  • Walk-in bathtubs and curbless showers

Which bathroom remodeling & renovation company should I hire in South Kingstown, RI?

Our team of specialists at Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build is there to help you with the most exacting bathroom renovation projects. Time-tested techniques and quality materials we use will make your living space more practical and beautiful. We can also assist you with:

You don’t need to be at your place while we perform our work. Take a free day and relax at Theatre-By-the-Sea or near Roy Carpenter’s Beach. Reach out to us today.