Kitchen Layout Redesigns For Your Home

Are you thinking about a complete makeover of your kitchen? You may have picked out your new appliances, cabinets, and flooring. However, in order to make the space functional, you need to consider the kitchen’s layout. The dimensions of every home are different, and therefore, the same can be applied to the rooms themselves.

Making the most of your design is essential to creating a space with enough breathing room to operate in it. So, before you make any big decisions or get carried away with the aesthetic for your Johnston, RI, home, take a look at these tips from expert kitchen remodelers.

What are the five types of kitchen layouts?

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the biggest home improvement projects. Therefore, taking your time to go over all the aspects of the project is critical to its successful completion. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and its dynamic relies heavily on its layout. Here are the six most common kitchen layouts:

1. U-shape


A U-shape kitchen provides you with a space with plenty of storage and cooking space. Like all U-shaped areas, the layout consists of three walls and an entryway. Considered a classic, it’s one of the most popular kitchen layouts for families in a contemporary setting and in larger homes.

2. L-shape


The L-shape kitchen is a practical and functional solution for your kitchen layout. It’s an excellent option for mid-sized homes and open space living concepts. The L-shape design offers maximum flexibility and plenty of improvisation possibilities.

3. One-wall


As the name implies, a one-wall kitchen means that all the cabinets, countertops, and appliances are on one side of the space. Even though they can equally work well in small and big areas, they are best utilized in kitchens where cooking experience isn’t the main focus.

4. Island


Whether it’s a small or open-space layout, the island kitchen design can be customized to suit any home or interior preference. The island is a piece around which everything in the kitchen revolves around. Whether you use it as a preparation area or a place for dining, it’s a popular choice among people who like to entertain or are constantly on the go.

5. Peninsula


The peninsula is an excellent solution for open-plan layouts and smaller spaces. If your home doesn’t allow for a full island concept, the peninsula offers all the advantages of a kitchen island where there isn’t enough space.  The peninsula is adjacent to one side of the wall, with a single entry to the inside of the kitchen. Perfect for food preparation, dining, and entertaining, it’s an amalgamation of different layouts designed to optimize existing space.

How do you redesign a kitchen layout?

The right kitchen layout means something completely different, depending on how you ask. The layout for a family will look nothing like, for example, that of a young entrepreneur. Space restrictions, or lack thereof, play a significant part in what you can do with your design. So, depending on your requirements, needs, and preferences, consider the following:

  • Create a floor plan
  • Make the layout functional
  • Find a spot for the basics (sink, refrigerator, and stove)
  • Make room for storage
  • Pick the right material

skitchen layout planning

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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen

Whether you simply want to spruce up your cooking area or give it a complete makeover, making improvements is always a great way to freshen up your kitchen and boost its value. A sleek and modern aesthetic can rejuvenate not just the kitchen but the entire home.

Kitchen renovation in Johnston, RI is no easy task, which is why relying on reputable kitchen remodeling contractors to execute your concept is your safest option. Make your kitchen the center of your home and enhance its design, beauty, and primary value. To learn more about what brings the most value to your kitchen remodel, read on!

What adds value to a kitchen remodel?

The kitchen is a space not just for cooking but for entertaining, dining, socializing with family and friends, and much more. You may want to give your home life a boost or think about selling it. Whatever the case may be, a kitchen remodel goes a long way in making your home an attractive space, for you, as much as for potential buyers.

1. Style


Whether you decide to give interior design a go or hire a professional kitchen designer, your kitchen should follow the overall aesthetic and theme of the home. If you own a traditional or a period home, a modern kitchen design will pop out, but for the wrong reasons. Likewise, a newer home with a contemporary layout won’t mesh well with a rustic kitchen style.

2. Countertops

Countertops have a significant impact on the overall style and aesthetic vibe of your kitchen. A good-quality countertop will rejuvenate your space and make it less difficult to maintain. From slab granite, ceramic tile to stainless steel and zinc, the diversity of materials offers possibilities for any budget. Typically, granite tops are the go-to option for most homeowners as a durable and heavy material for a new countertop.

3. Appliances

Quality appliances are what make your kitchen stand out. Not only does it enhance the cooking experience, but it also makes the kitchen a space where the entire household gravitates towards. When buying new appliances, go for a minimalistic and seamless design. You want them to blend into the new surroundings seamlessly, and modern appliances provide just that. If your budget isn’t big enough for an extensive appliance change, the dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove are the three main pieces to focus on.

4. Cabinetry

While all design options and decisions are essential, cabinetry is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Kitchen cabinetry is what sets the tone of the entire redesign. Form and function are at the core of your design strategy. The cabinet will dictate the overall appearance and be the most used fixture in the kitchen. Customize your cabinetry to match your needs to boost the kitchen’s functionality and appeal.

5. Lighting

Lighting is a feature that many don’t pay special attention to. Strategically placed kitchen lighting not only helps you navigate while cooking and other chores, but helps change up the atmosphere depending on the circumstances.

modern kitchen remodel in RI


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