Expanding your home in Barrington with complete room additions may sound intimidating at first. But that is what consultations with professionals are for. Experienced home addition contractors can provide valuable input and guidance to reluctant clients.

For many clients, a room addition is the most cost-effective solution to get more space without having to renovate the house in its entirety, let alone upgrade to a bigger home. In particular, adding another bedroom can be a life-changing innovation for a growing family. But how does it all work? Keep reading to find out!

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How do I add another bedroom?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including the size and structure of your home. It is important to note that there are different types of room additions. Which one best suits your needs and your home depends on your budget, requirements and other preferences. Professional room addition contractors are available for detailed consultation during which they will walk you through the room addition process and explain what each type of room additions entails. 

Make sure to consult a professional beforehand to determine which option best aligns with your needs and preferences. Are you primarily looking to increase your home’s resale value, or do you have other, more immediate priorities, such as ensuring better indoor comfort for your family?

What is the cheapest way to add another bedroom?

There are different ways to add a bedroom. They are not all equally cost-effective, and a lot depends on your budget and the existing layout of your home. Consider that cheaper options may mean you getting less space, functionality, or long-term value out of your project.

When it comes to adding another bedroom on a budget, you may want to steer clear from projects that require foundation work. But depending on your goal, vision and other circumstances, you may not be able to go around it.

Within the definition of a full-on room addition, you can choose to build up or build out:

  • Building up means you are building on top of the existing structure. You can add a whole story or just one room, for instance, on top of the garage. Similarly, you can build down.
  • Building out is the most popular option, but also the most expensive one. It means you are expanding your home by increasing its footprint and converting your outdoor space. These projects are more demanding and more expensive because of the higher scope of works required, including structural and foundation works.

The most cost-effective way to add a bedroom is to repurpose existing space within your home:

  • It could be the basement area, although it may not be the optimal setting for a bedroom in case of moisture and inefficient insulation.
  • Alternatively, you can convert another room you’re not currently using much. 
  • Some homeowners opt to convert their underused garage, but this too, may require extensive modifications.
  • You could also opt for a bump-out which extends a portion of an existing room, such as the living room. However, this addition may not be big enough for a whole bedroom.

Finally, you can opt for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as a secondary housing unit. These compact structures are built somewhere on a residential lot, and they are more affordable than full-scale bedroom additions. ADUs can be attached or detached.

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Who in Barrington builds high-quality room additions?

Some things are best left to professionals from start to finish. This certainly applies to room additions. Before making any decisions, you need to have a clear understanding of the budget and timeline of your upcoming project.

With experienced contractors from Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build by your side, you can rest assured that you will be making the right choice for your future and your home in Barrington or the nearby communities. Get in touch with us today!