Whether you’d like to enhance the aesthetic of your space, render it more functional, or add some square footage, custom room additions can be the right solution for your home in Barrington. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are several types of additions you can choose from. From a full-size addition that requires comprehensive modifications to more simple attic expansions, we give you a detailed overview of the most common types. Read on!

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What is a building addition?

Homeowners opt for different building additions to accommodate different needs, such as changing lifestyles, growing families, or enhancing functionality. Have a look at some popular types:

Attic or basement conversion

This option is best when you want to add living space without modifying the footprint of your home. While, in technical terms, it doesn’t actually expand the footprint but rather converts an unfinished space, it can be an economical option to add practical living space. Moreover, it adds value to your property. 

However, be it a basement or an attic, it must meet certain qualifications to transform it into a code-approved space. For example, attics must be amendable to ventilation and insulation requirements, while basements must be completely dry. 

Conventional full-size addition

This multi-room structure is built onto the side of a house and is best suited when you require a lot of living space. With an experienced designer, it can seamlessly blend with the main house. It can feature different areas such as a family room, bathroom, primary bedroom, or guest bedroom. However, it’s not typical for these additions to include a kitchen.

The project needs to adhere to the same codes as full house construction and usually requires excavation, foundation work, HVAC service, plumbing, and wiring. In instances when such an expansion features everything that’s needed for independent living, it can also be referred to as an attached accessory dwelling unit (AADU). 

Room addition

This is a single-room structure that’s intended for a single function, like a bathroom or bedroom. However, it can also just expand the size of an existing room. It requires a foundation and a new  roof line which can be flat or shed style. 


Sunrooms are an excellent option when you want to add recreational space. They’re typically made of prefabricated materials such as thermal-resistant glass and aluminum and assembled on-site. However, they can sometimes feature the same materials as the house, such as concrete and lumber, providing visual cohesion. 

Garage conversion

By installing a ceiling, adding flooring, and replacing the door with a wall, you can transform your garage into a living space. A garage is often converted into a bedroom or living room, but sometimes it can become a fully functional living space. It’s a convenient option since it already features the basic structure of foundation, walls, roof, and subfloor. 

Second story addition

Thi is a major project that can double the square footage of your living space and increase your home’s value. It’s an excellent solution when you need a lot of space but don’t have a lot of land. If you don’t intend to sell your home, a good idea is to consider implementing age-in-place features into your project. 

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Who offers high-quality custom room additions in Barrington?

Whether you’re planning a comprehensive project or going for a room addition but not sure how to make an efficient plan, Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build is the team you can rely on. Our trusted experts will take into consideration your needs, requirements, and space to provide you with a highly tailored solution. Whether your home is close to the Warren River or in another area, we’re here for you. Give us a call today!