Expanding your living space can be an exciting venture, adding functionality and beauty to your home. However, it can take time, depending on the scope of your project in Barrington, and the expertise of your specialists in custom room additions. Your designer should provide you with a set of plans that outline the entire project, including all the modifications, methods, products, and materials involved. Let’s explore the main stages of your project and how long each of them may take. 

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How do you plan a room addition?

You’ll work with your designer or architect to develop detailed plans, discussing your budget, goals, as well as your desired timeline. This step is important to ensure the project meets your specific requirements and is in compliance with the local building codes. Once you’ve finalized the plans, it’s time to obtain all the necessary permits from the building department after which your team will begin the work:


Laying the foundation for your structure can take up to 3 weeks, with the first step being excavation where technicians use heavy machinery to secure a level space for the foundation. Then follows the placement of concrete forms which an inspector will check for code compliance. Concrete is finally poured once the inspection is successfully completed. 

During the following week, there won’t be much construction activity as it takes about 7 days for the concrete to dry. 


This is when the major utility and structural components are installed and it can last up to 5 weeks. It’s an exciting part of the process as you can see your addition starting to take shape. It includes several stages:

  • Framing. Your team will craft roof trusses, floors, and walls that form the structure. It requires careful placement of each window, door, and exterior vent. 
  • Roof & sheathing. These are often done simultaneously, right after framing. While one team installs shingles to protect the structure from the elements, the other installs sheathing that secures additional structural support and serves as a weather barrier. 
  • Trades & utilities. This is when your HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical are installed, with the primary focus on the major systems that run inside the walls. 
  • Inspection. All the work completed so far needs to undergo an inspection to ensure that everything is properly installed and up to code. In case the inspector identifies any code violations or other issues, it’s necessary to make corrections before moving on. 

Final works

The final phase can take as long as 6 weeks and includes all the work necessary to make your space functional and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Siding, trim & paint. When properly installed, exterior siding can protect your home for over half a century. Once they finish the trim and paint, your team will check for any issues and address them. 
  • Drywall & insulation. Once the exterior is completed, it’s time to fill up the walls with insulation and then close them up with drywall. 
  • Trim, flooring, & paint. This includes all carpentry work and completion of paint, trim, and flooring installation. 
  • Final inspection. Before your room is ready to live in, it requires a final inspection to ensure overall quality and code compliance and check for anything that may have been overlooked previously. 

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Where in Barrington can I find reliable custom room additions?

Whether you’re planning a new bedroom or not sure what type of addition best fits your needs, reach out to Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build. We’re a team of experienced specialists ready to carry out improvement projects of any scope and complexity. Whether you need us near Barrington College or across the region, you can rely on our expertise. Get in touch with us today!