As we go through life and get older, our needs and habits evolve. This happens unnoticeably all the time but becomes more evident as we approach retirement. Aging often brings changes in our capabilities and preferences, and we start looking for more suitable living environments. Adapting our living space to suit our lifestyles becomes a matter of safety more than anything else. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your personal sense of style or compromise quality. Whether you’re considering renovating ideas for yourself or the prospect of having your elderly parents move in, you can implement adjustments that will make your home more comfortable and age-appropriate.

Professional contractors with long experience in home remodeling in Bristol, RI, help us explore the concept of smart home remodeling for retirement, offering practical ideas that can turn your living space into a safe haven for the golden years without compromising style or quality.

What is a smart home remodeling for the elderly?

Creating a smart home that will cater to our changing needs as you prepare for retirement is a thoughtful investment and also one that requires some planning ahead. Whether for yourself or to accommodate elderly family members, these smart home renovating ideas can transform your house into a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment. 

You can confidently embrace the future, knowing that your house is a sanctuary for a fulfilling, cozy retirement and aging in place.

1. Age-friendly flooring solutions

Choosing the right flooring is one of the first things to consider when renovating your home for retirement. Hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floors are all excellent options as they provide a smooth and slip-resistant surface that can be easily navigated with mobility aids like canes or walkers. Don’t forget to secure all rugs to prevent tripping hazards and remove any obstacles that could hinder the transition from one room to another to accommodate wheelchairs if necessary.

2. Enhanced lighting for accessibility

Smart lighting systems are a true game-changer for everyone and retirees in particular. Installing motion-activated lights in hallways and bathrooms will ensure well-lit pathways during nighttime trips. You can set the perfect ambiance with adjustable dimmer switches and voice-activated lighting controls, creating ideal conditions for reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing.

3. Bathroom safety and convenience

Bathrooms can be particularly tricky and even hazardous for seniors, but smart renovations can help mitigate these risks. Grab bars might be necessary near the toilet and in the shower, and a curbless, walk-in shower with a built-in bench and a handheld showerhead will provide both safety and convenience. Smart toilets with bidet features are also gaining popularity for their comfort and hygiene benefits.

4. Kitchen upgrades for ease of use

A well-designed kitchen benefits everyone but requires special consideration for seniors who enjoy cooking or wish to maintain their independence. Choose cabinets with pull-out shelves and drawers to eliminate the need to bend or reach items in high places. Lever-style faucets are easy to use, and touchless technology will reduce the risk of germ transmission. If you really want to simplify meal preparation, there’s a wide choice of smart appliances with voice-activated controls.

5. Smart home automation

An abundance of modern technology solutions can significantly enhance the comfort and safety of your home in retirement. Investing in a smart home automation system will allow you to control lighting, temperature, security cameras, and other features from your smartphone or via voice commands. This is more than convenient – it also adds an extra layer of security for complete peace of mind.

What is a smart home remodeling for the elderly?

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