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    Durable Kitchen Countertops

    An updated kitchen is more than just a pretty showcase — in fact, through the right updates and changes, your cooking space can transform into a room that’s more functional, more conducive to entertaining and worth more money. At Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build, we manage every part of kitchen remodeling projects for clients, from supplying and installing countertops to managing all the aspects of new electrical, plumbing and painting. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll help make them a reality. However, in terms of kitchen countertops, this is what you’ll want to know about types, durability and uses of various materials:

    Common Types of Countertops

    Kitchen countertops are easily one of the most used and noticed aspects of a kitchen — and yet they can vary drastically regarding pricing, resilience, popularity and style. Here’s a look at some of the most typical kitchen counters:


    Affordable and durable, laminate countertops can start from $10 a square foot (while higher end counters could be closer to $100).

    Solid Surface

    A step up from laminate is solid surfacing, known to be stain-resistant, available in various styles and fairly easy to repair. Made of acrylic, polyester or a combination of the two, these counters are usually long lasting and repairable.


    For a countertop that looks like stone but is easier to maintain, quartz is a good option, able to withstand hot temperatures, abrasive pads and most spills.


    A popular option in high-end kitchen remodels that are still looking for durability, granite is a stone that resists cuts, scratches and heat damage. It also comes in a wide range of colors and veining options.

    Butcher Block

    It’s hard to beat the earthy, homey look of butcher-block countertops, which are fairly easy to install and repair.

    Soapstone, Limestone or Marble

    Hot on the market today are soapstone, limestone or marble countertops, all of which add a strong wow factor to a kitchen but usually require more upkeep.

    Durability of Countertops

    The durability of a particular countertop choice is worth considering. You’ll probably live with your new countertops for a while — or, if you sell your home soon, the new buyers will — and, either way, durability will be an asset. How durable are the various types of countertops?

    Most countertops will sustain some damage over the long term, but some are more resilient than others. Generally speaking, quartz, granite, soapstone, limestone, laminate, solid surface and butcher block are resistant to heat damage, so you don’t have to stress about setting a pot on the counter here and there. Both quartz and granite may have to be professionally repaired when they chip, and, if you cut something on laminate, you can expect to damage the surface. Butcher-block counters are fairly resilient — when nicks and scratches do occur, they can be sanded.

    Uses of Countertops

    Choosing your new kitchen counters is largely a matter of deciding what you want most — a certain look, resistance to heat, resistance to stains or something else. Do you cook a lot, and, if so, will you want an option that withstands constant use? Are you updating a kitchen in a rental property? Then you’ll probably want an option that won’t require a lot of maintenance. Yet, on the other hand, if you have a dream look in mind that suits your design sensibilities and you’re willing to take the time to seal and care for that countertop, it might make sense to pick that expensive limestone or marble. The choice is yours.


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