You gave your kitchen its last rights and finally made the decision to sign on the bottom line for the new kitchen of your dreams. There is a definite sequence to a kitchen renovation that is more art than science. Schedule and sequence are influenced by the scope of the renovation and enter a more unknown territory if that scope involves relocating walls, windows, doors, ceilings and other features of your new kitchen. A typical sequence for a kitchen remodel includes the following:

  • Demolition
  • Framing and installation of behind the wall electrical and plumbing
  • Insulation of exterior walls
  • Drywall
  • Cabinet installation
  • Installation of countertops, backsplash and other stone and tile covered surfacing
  • Floor installation
  • Final installation of carpentry, electrical, fixtures and finish hardware
  • Painting

From the initial kitchen design phases throughout the process, our goal is to keep you apprised of the timetable and what will be involved in your renovation to minimize the disruption to your home and lifestyle. We know what it is like to live with a kitchen that is under renovation. Internally, we establish milestone dates for the completion of each task and monitor our timetable to help assure that it is maintained or revised should the unexpected occur (which often happens). Our schedule specifies delivery dates for all materials, appliance and fixtures specified for the renovation at times that they can be installed on the day they arrive or the day after.

The types of materials specified also impact a renovation schedule. Custom cabinets can take six to eight weeks to deliver from the time they are ordered. The type of tile, countertop material (stone, engineered stone and other materials) and flooring materials can delay a project if not ordered well in advance. We understand which materials are readily available and those that take some time to produce. Generic tiles are more readily available. Custom tiles and countertops may take up to eight weeks or longer to produce.

The installation of flooring is another timing challenge. Some of our clients install flooring after cabinets because it requires less material and therefore less cost than covering the entire floor. Other clients want to have the flooring material cover the entire footprint of the kitchen. Plus, when flooring is installed before cabinets, there is no chance that cabinets will be damaged. If flooring is installed after cabinets have been placed, we make sure that the cabinets are protected during flooring installation.

Anyone who is renovating a kitchen deserves to receive a realistic schedule that is monitored and maintained to help assure the least possible disruption to you and your family and to help assure that the kitchen of your dreams can be used sooner rather than later. To discuss a timeframe for your kitchen or bath renovation, please give us call at (401) 257-6610 or visit our showroom at 2949 Hartford Avenue Johnston RI.