We’ve all seen those HGTV shows where the wife has a dream of an all-white kitchen complete with white custom cabinets. But before you decide to go down this route with your next kitchen remodel, there are a few things to take into consideration.


There is, in fact, a “dark side” to this popular design decision. So before you pin those kitchen remodeling ideas to your Pinterest Board, consider the advice in this guide and then reevaluate if you’re still as excited as you were before you started.


And when you’re ready to start exploring your options, Northeast Kitchen and Flooring Center in Rhode Island is your one-stop shop for your dream white semi-custom cabinets.


Hospital Vibes


White cabinetry can make your kitchen feel light, airy, and open. But sometimes, rather than a clean and crisp feel, your kitchen can feel sterile, cold and uninviting. Too much white can remind your dinner guests of a creepy hospital room rather than the warm epicenter of your home. This type of ambiance can also detract from the delicious food you prepared or the scintillating conversation you are likely to have.


As such, consider accentuating colors and accents such as countertops, flooring, accessories/hardware and more that can make your custom white cabinets “pop”.


Maintenance / Upkeep


It is important to remember that bright and all-white cabinetry is more likely to show smudging and scratches, making them displeasing to the eye and harder to keep looking shiny and new.


Consider how much extra cleaning and upkeep you’re willing to put up with for your “white wonderland”. Be practical, as always. This is an investment, after all.




In addition to scratches and smudges being more visible, discoloration is another negative factor to consider. Generally, high-quality custom kitchen cabinets, such as those from Northeast Kitchen & Flooring Center in Rhode Island, are not prone to discoloration on their own.


Discoloration, however, can occur when spills aren’t cleaned up in time or your cabinetry is exposed to direct sunlight or other elements such as smoke from cigarettes.


A way to offset or eliminate these negative aspects is to clean any spills or stains immediately, or rather than choosing a pure/bright white color, an off-white alternative may help prevent fading and keep the cabinets from looking worn over time.


Wear and Tear


As stated before, it is important to remain practical and conscious of your design options. The lifespan of your cabinets can, and frequently is, directly related to the upkeep you put into them, as well as the quality of the custom cabinetry you invest in to begin with.


If you choose cheaper cabinets out of desperation or budgetary constraints, it could (and likely will) result in your cabinets aging less gracefully a possibly surrendering to wear and tear over time. However, when installed efficiently and by knowledgeable individuals, white cabinets can and do last a lifetime. Just be smart and willing to invest wisely.


You Have Made A Decision… Now What?


So, you’ve done the research, crunched all the numbers, and Pinterest has been your home away from home. You’re sold on your white cabinets and you aren’t turning back.


Now it’s time to call up the team at Northeast Kitchen and Flooring Center for custom cabinetry options that are sure to impress.