Considering giving your kitchen an upgrade? Maybe you would like your kitchen to be more efficient, functional, or just more aesthetically pleasing.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Where family meals are prepared with love and where you run to for that late night snack or after work libation. So why not give it a little extra love right back, all while increasing the value of your kitchen (and home).

This is especially important if you happen to be preparing your home for sale. A kitchen remodel is a great place to start, with kitchen renovation projects providing (on average) the highest return on any investment made into updating your home.

Read on and follow these tips to increase your kitchen’s value without spending all the profit.

1. Cabinets & Hardware

Cabinets and hardware are key components of any kitchen, meeting the eyes of every person that steps into the room. Cabinets are also one aspect that can be either fully updated and replaced, or simply given a little extra flair and character with a cost-effective facelift or new hardware.

Consider the following options:

  • Refinish, reface or replace the doors and faces of the drawers if the cabinet boxes are sound and don’t need replacing. Veneer finishes are made to match existing surfaces.
  • A change of hardware to nickel-plated or pewter finishes can give cabinets a fresh look for little cost.
  • Full tear-out, if needed, can be expensive, so plan to do research before your purchase.
  • Keep the overall cost of the home in mind when choosing the type and wood species for your cabinets.
  • Solid oak or cherry cabinets cost a lot more than composite wood or mid-grade painted styles.

2. Paint or Wall Finish

You can add value to your kitchen by painting or refinishing the walls. This simple yet impactful update is sure to give you that “wow” factor without hurting your wallet.

Consider the following options:

  • Today’s popular shades include white, ivory or gray. Color accents can be added for contrast or to match appliances or other room components.
  • Add a backsplash on the wall space behind your countertops. Kitchen backsplashes are both trendy and focal points of the room. It will also protect walls from splatters and stains.
  • Eye-catching materials like wood, metal, glass, ceramic tile and stone add texture.


3. Countertops

Consider upgrading your kitchen countertops. New natural stone or quartz countertops can increase the value and functionality of your kitchen like no other.

Consider the following:

  • Surfaces that resist stains and scratches like Caesarstone and quartz surfaces resist scratches and stains.
  • Choose countertops to complement your kitchen from a wide variety of colors, patterns and edge treatments.


4. Light Fixtures

A little light can go a long way. Improved lighting can give your kitchen a bright and cheerful look.

Consider the following:

  • Add under cabinet lighting that can be activated alone as an evening light or in addition to overhead lighting to illuminate the workspace.
  • Consider vintage chandelier lighting or using brightly colored stained glass in windows or mirrors.


5. Flooring

Consider updating that old laminate flooring with tile that matches your kitchen, laminate flooring or real hardwood.

Consider the following:

  • Exotic, wide plank, and Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is trending today.
  • New laminates are also very durable and easy to install. They come in a wide variety of styles that mimic real wood or ceramic tile for half the price of the real thing.

6. Appliances

Appliances can really make a kitchen “pop”, while also providing improved use of space and functionality. But if you don’t have the money to spend, there’s no need to replace costly kitchen appliances when you can give the ones you have a facelift.


  • New doors or face panels to go with your kitchen’s new look.
  • Replacing appliances with more efficient or more aesthetically coordinated models.
  • Upgrading to energy efficient, space saving, stainless steel or “stow away” appliances


Update your kitchen and increase its value today.

Northeast Kitchen and Flooring has the materials and hardware you need to renovate your kitchen and increase the value of your home today. Our experts are ready and able to help map out your design, options, goals and work within your budget to find you the perfect setup.