From boosting the value of your home to increasing the comfort and functionality of your entire living space, a kitchen remodel has numerous advantages. And while you’ll reap the benefits of your home improvement once it’s completed, you need to arm yourself with patience and skillful management of your home life for the duration of the construction.

This is why making the necessary preparations for your home improvement project will help you and your family endure the disruption of your daily routine. So before you reach out to an acclaimed company that provides kitchen remodel services in Johnston, RI, make sure you’re ready. Read on for useful tips!

How do you prepare a kitchen for remodeling?

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home, and for a good reason. Your family life revolves around it, and a kitchen remodel will effectively suspend your family’s groove. So what do you do when access to your kitchen is limited or completely closed-off? The duration of the project can last for weeks and perhaps even months, so with construction on the horizon, you need to get yourself ready and organized.

Declutter the designated renovation area

First things first. Gather up boxes, newspapers, and other packing material and safely remove everything from the kitchen. Set aside items such as the tea kettle, can opener, coffee maker, and cooking utensils that will come in handy once the space becomes off-limits.

Set up a temporary kitchen

While it may not be doable, move your refrigerator to another room where you can still store your food. If not, invest in a mini-fridge where you can keep all the essentials.

A microwave will be easier to move, and it’s an appliance that you can use frequently. Set up an improvised kitchen in part of the home that you can use for meal preparation. This can be a garage, guesthouse, home office, or another space on your property.

Pick a spot for eating

While most families eat their meals where they prepare them, finding an alternative to the kitchen is vital to make the break of routine less noticeable. Whether it’s the family room or the area of your home where you’ve set up the temporary kitchen, make the most of this experience and keep the family dynamic intact.

Invest in disposable utensils

With your kitchen sink out of use, you’ll be forced to improvise and wash your dishes in the bathtub, bathroom sink, or even outdoors with a garden hose. Relieve yourself from having to think about this and stock up on cups, plates, and dining utensils that are disposable and biodegradable.

Consider relocating during construction

As your project may take weeks to complete, now might be a good time as any to take a vacation or stay with family or friends while the construction is in full swing. Hiring a reputable remodeling contractor is of great importance, as you’ll be comfortable knowing you’re leaving your home in safe hands.

preparing for a kitchen remodel in RI

Who provides expert kitchen remodel services in Johnston, RI, & beyond?

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