Design-build process, design-build construction, design and build process. These are all terms that people often hear when it comes to design and construction. But, what does this mean? The design-build process is a construction delivery method that combines design and construction into one contract. It’s been around for decades, but has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Before moving forward with your home improvement project and reaching out to a reputable company offering design-build services in Rhode Island, take a closer look at what the process entails. Read on!

What is the design-build process?

The design-build process is a method where the entire project is carried out by a single contractor or company. This means that the on-site analysis, design, subcontracting, construction, and post-construction are handled by a single entity. The procedure typically goes through four main stages:

1. Choosing your contractor

Doing your due diligence is crucial when it comes to choosing the right company for your remodeling job. Of course, you’ll want to find the one with an excellent reputation, great credentials, vast experience, and last but not least, the necessary expertise.

The costs will inevitably play a significant role in your selection process. However, get the best value for your project by evaluating both the know-how as well as the estimated costs to come up with a well-balanced solution to your project requirements. One of the main benefits of design-build is its cost-effectiveness which comes as part of an all-encompassing service.

2. Pre-construction planning

The second phase typically begins as soon as you select your design-build team. This stage is reserved for reviewing and evaluating whether your concept is feasible. The contractor or company will go over the homeowner’s idea, budget limitations, potential obstacles, and the project’s overall theme.

Use the pre-construction stage to ask your contractors as many questions as possible, and avoid any complications that may arise during the course of the project.

3. Design selection

Once you establish the project’s framework, you can start the fun part of the process – picking out your preferred design. Picking your materials, style, and colorways may not be so easy. Keep in mind the material costs and functionality to determine whether it’s conceivable for your concept. Your design-build team will assist you in finding the most viable solution, taking into account your budget and preferred style and requirements.

4. Construction

The stages of the process will overlap, so as you are selecting your design and putting the finishing touches to the plan, timeline, and budget, your contractor will already be working on setting up for the construction phase. The streamlined aspect is what makes the design-build process work. Great communication and defined accountability between each member working on the project allow for a smooth and expertise-based flow, and ultimately, its successful completion.

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What is the leading company offering design-build services in Rhode Island & beyond?

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