Granite Done Right: Learn How To Increase Your Home’s Value


The kitchen is purportedly the most critical room in the home when it comes to selling. But what is it about the kitchen that adds so much value?


Part of the story has to do with people’s desire for high-quality furnishings, like granite countertops. With the right granite countertop, you can dramatically increase the value of your home and boost your chances of a quick sale.


But there’s a problem. For granite countertops to be a useful selling tool, you have to do them right. Poor granite countertop installation can put buyers off and leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket.


In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can deploy granite countertops effectively to increase the value of your home.


Know The Price Of Granite Countertops


Knowing the price of granite countertops is the first step along the road to making sure that you increase the value of your home. The cost of granite countertops ranges from a low of $40 per square foot up to $100 for the most exclusive stone. Typically, the average person pays a little over $3,000 to install a countertop, making it a significant financial decision.


Before spending any money, it’s worth thinking about how much of a premium buyers are prepared to pay for a granite countertop. If you live in a wealthy neighborhood, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to ask for a bigger premium than if you live in a less affluent part of town.


Check Out Comparable Homes


Because granite countertops are so popular, they’re a common feature in many homes. This is good news for people considering installing granite countertops because they can see the type of countertops that others have installed in comparable houses.


If you’re considering granite countertops for your home, ask the following questions:


  • How much did the comparable home pay for granite countertops?
  • Where is the comparable home located? Is it in a similarly affluent area?
  • Did the comparable home upgrade the rest of the kitchen at the same time?
  • Did comparable homes with granite countertops sell for significantly more?
  • Do buyers in your area prefer homes that are ready to move into immediately?


Once you have the answers to those questions, you’ll be in a much better position to work out whether your home’s value will increase.


Check That Granite Suits Your Home


You might see granite in comparable homes, but does it suit yours? It is a beautiful material, but granite doesn’t complement every interior design.


Check out the following tips to make sure that you choose the right granite countertop to increase your home’s value.


Tip #1: Pick Neutral Colors


Neutral palettes tend to sell well and offer higher ROI than highly colored stone.


Tip #2: View Slabs In Person


Colors can vary when viewed on a computer monitor.


Tip #3: Go Dark


Darker granite slabs prevent stains and look better for longer. Once you’ve installed the granite, apply a durable sealant.