When you’re starting a kitchen remodel, there are those components that are more obvious than others. For example, walls, appliances, countertops, and even flooring tend to garner our attention and earn a percentage of our budgets.

But what about the “fifth wall” in your kitchen?

That’s right, we’re talking about your ceiling. Often overlooked, your ceiling is just as essential to the overall design of your kitchen as the aforementioned items.

While many people settle for a plain white or other neutral-painted, Northeast Kitchen & Flooring Center in Rhode island is here to help you get a little creative with your ceiling options.

First Up, Find the Right Style for your Rhode Island Home

Your ceiling is a part of the canvas upon which you’ll paint your kitchen masterpiece. But before proceeding, you’ll first need to land on the right style. Your overall style will need to compliment other components of your kitchen such as your appliances, paint and fixtures.

Whatever direction you take, finding a ceiling style to suit your personality, tastes and other elements can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

As it relates to creative and trendy styles for 2019, consider industrial, nautical, gingham and monochrome options.

Let’s explore these below and see if any seem like a good fit for your Rhode Island kitchen.


Kitchens following the Industrial style tend towards stainless steel appliances with the potential for galvanized metal, rustic/distressed wood, brick, and similar textures. An industrial ceiling is often designed around the hardware (light fixtures, stove hoods, etc.), but the design doesn’t have to end there.

Exposed rafters, distressed wood ceilings, and more can define your kitchen and blend the ceiling into the style.

Nautical and Rustic

Both of these styles have their own draws and perks, but they tend to share the cottage motif and distressed wood ceilings.

The Nautical style leans more towards reds, blues, whites, and distressed paints, while rustic is more about the yellows, reds, or greens with wooden accents.


A gingham ceiling can really help the color in your kitchen pop. Traditionally used in classic or retro quite kitchens, you can also make this pattern your own and incorporate it how you choose.

We do recommend an artistic mock-up to make sure you like the color. Most hardware stores offer paint samples, and you can use standard canvas to verify.


If solid color is your thing, don’t feel like you have to exclude your ceiling! Some kitchens take a glossy color paint and apply it to all surfaces— countertops, walls, appliances, you name it!

The main takeaway here is to ensure the paint of your choice can be used on all surfaces and research any special instructions.


From polished planks to the herringbone pattern, wood is a fairly common material for kitchens that can be customized to fit just about any style.

Whether you go for solid, polished, distressed, or another style all together, make sure the wood of your choice is properly treated for humid to hot kitchen environments. Remodels are pretty hefty investments, and you want to make sure everything is done properly the first time.


Yes, you read that right— wallpaper your ceiling! Wallpapers come in a variety of shades, patterns, and more. A patterned ceiling could be the perfect accent to your kitchen and another chance to show off your personality. (And no, the walls don’t have to be the same if you don’t want them to.)

Creativity is What we Do Best

The kitchen is often the heart of our home, where both food and memories are made.  Let your kitchen be a reflection of you, from the floors all the way up to the ceiling, and let Northeast Kitchen & Flooring Center in Rhode Island be your guide. Our team of friendly and creative professionals can help you plan out your kitchen remodel and help you create the kitchen of your dreams.