The kitchen often acts as the base of operations for most homes, from preparing meals to readying for the day and settling down after work.

With that much time spent in the kitchen, most of us want it to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  But given the wear and tear we put out kitchens through on the daily, it’s one of the first rooms of the home that often needs a makeover.

The good news is that money invested in kitchen makeovers is also one of the best in terms of potential returns if you ever decide or need to move and sell.

If you’re considering a makeover, renovation or remodel for your kitchen in 2019 and beyond we have good news for you. There have been a number of exciting new trends and technology options that can be used to bring a fresh and modern look to your kitchen.

If your kitchen needs a sharp new look or you’re hoping to upgrade your appliances with new technology, these kitchen makeover ideas may be able to help. Read on to learn more…

1. Upgrade your countertops

Countertops can often be upgraded to a more durable material, or a material that better matches your kitchen colors. Quartz and caeserstone resist scratches and stains and remain a popular choice, along with granite, which is a golden standard and should stand the test of time as far as design trends go.

Installation of under-cabinet lighting can also be utilized to cast a bright glow on your workspace.

Another option growing in popularity is to install a composite sink made from the same material as the countertop, creating a cleaner and more uniform look.

2. Change the paint and flooring to a fresh new look

Replace old laminate flooring with new durable laminate or replace with hardwood or luxurious tile. Laminate can be found in many designs, sizes and styles and is very cost effective. Want the look of hardwood without the hefty bill? Laminate flooring mimics hardwood, and while less durable, is a great middle of the road option.

Ceramic tiles are also a great option and come in a range of design options, including those that resemble hardwood or natural stone.  Durable, scratch resistant and with plenty of style, design and color options you can’t go wrong with ceramic.

3. Upgrade your cabinetry for efficiency and aesthetics

Minimize used space and keep kitchen items well organized with improved storage space. Use appliance garages for small appliancespull-outs for spicesroll-out trays and caddies for pots & pans and wastebasket cabinets for garbage.

You can refinish, reface or replace the doors and faces of the drawers if the cabinet boxes are sound and don’t need replacing. Choose a finish made to match existing surfaces and consider swapping out the hardware to a stylish nickel-plated or pewter finish.

Trending kitchen cabinet colors right now include white, gray and dark, but this line is constantly moving so be sure that whatever you go with is an accurate representation of the style, colors, energy and personality you want your space to have.


4. Give your kitchen a matching color scheme.

Today’s popular shades for kitchen color schemes include classical standards like white, ivory or grays, while bolder approaches include robust and deep colors full of energy.  Choose your wall paint color with your plan for the kitchen’s color scheme in mind, including cabinets, appliances or other room components, as well as your personality and personal tastes.

You can avoid replacing costly kitchen appliances by replacing just the doors or face panels to go with your kitchen’s new look. Refinish or paint cabinet doors and faces to match.

Choose countertops to complement your kitchen from a wide variety of colors and realistic stone patterns. Softer and more neutral colors such as grey, taupe, creamy or white finishes are trending now.

5. Make your Kitchen ‘Smart’.

New technology provides us with the opportunity to upgrade our homes like never before. Think one-touch or motion detection lights, water faucets that flow when motion is detected.

An increasing number of new homes are being built with new technology from the ground up. Upgrades to older kitchens are also rising in popularity, with the term “Smart Kitchen” being thrown around on a regular basis.

Smart kitchens make cooking and cleaning in your kitchen easy. Don’t know which eggs are freshest? Ask your smart refrigerator, which can also alert you when your grocery items are running low.

Program your coffee maker to have your coffee brewed every morning. Program your lighting system from your smartphone. Install a French Door wall oven equipped with Bluetooth to control oven functions remotely. The options are endless.

Is a kitchen that does the work for you out of your budget? Consider upgrading a few appliances instead. Induction cooktops with separate ovens are more efficient than commercial range stoves. Steam ovens cook food fast and food retains nutrients and flavor better than a traditional oven.

Use these tips to remodel or redecorate your kitchen today.

If you’re looking to put your home on the market or to renovate your new home, or just to makeover your kitchen with a new look or better efficiency, at Northeast Kitchen and Flooring you can find the products, materials and hardware that you’re looking for to give your kitchen the makeover it needs.