If you are living with a smaller, less than functional kitchen, there are solutions that can help you make your dreams a reality. It is possible to create additional space and transform your kitchen from a small, cramped and hard-to-use to flawless and functional – a new kitchen will bring you and your family years of joy.

We’ve worked on hundreds of kitchen additions and understand that the process is more involved than simply redoing an existing footprint. Our showroom professionals can work with you to create a plan that complements the style of your home and enables you to make a personal and distinct design statement.

Small changes can have a dramatically large impact. The amount of additional space that you may need and want is affected by the current layout of your home and your budget. Often, we can help our clients achieve their goals by adding 125 to 150 square feet of new space. In other projects, the scope of the addition is considerably larger. For larger additions, factors to consider include the existing layout of your home, code requirements, topography, setbacks and permit requirements. Larger additions take longer and cost more, but the investment provides a considerable return in increased home value.

If you are interested in adding new space by building out and/or up, make sure that your design professional creates a realistic timeline and budget so there are realistic expectations on both accounts. An addition budget is affected by:

  • Structural components, e.g. if you have to replace a load bearing wall or add structural support.
  • The quality of materials selected.
  • Size of the project.
  • Scope of the project.

The timeline also is affected by the similar factors. Adding a second story can take longer than elongating an existing room on one level. Permitting and zoning requirements can also affect construction scheduling and planning.

Finding the designer that is right for your project involves carefully checking references and asking the right questions. These may include:

  • What is the showroom’s record of completing projects on time and within budget?
  • How do the designer and showroom create realistic expectations?
  • How do the designer and showroom respond to problems and unforeseen conditions?
  • How do the designer and showroom make the renovation process run smoothly?
  • How creative are the designer and showroom to make space extraordinary?

There’s no better time to assess your existing kitchen than now. Make a list of everything that your dream kitchen would include and how those changes would add value and enjoyment to you and your family. Prioritize your top goals and determine how achieving them would impact your budget. If you need help with the budgeting process or prioritizing goals or imagining the kitchen of your dreams, give us a call at (401) 257-6610 or visit our showroom at 2949 Hartford Avenue Johnston RI.