When we work with our clients on designing their dream kitchen, dreams and budgets don’t always jibe. Our goal is to assist our clients in prioritizing what is most important to them in order to stretch budget dollars without compromising either utility or aesthetics.

The first question we typically ask is, ‘How do you want your kitchen to feel when you enter and use it?’ Materials, texture, lighting, color and utility create the feel of a room. We also encourage our clients to tell us how they plan to use their new kitchen. We ask how often they cook, and how many cooks use the kitchen at the same time. We also ask how often they entertain. Once we understand our clients’ goals and dreams, we capitalize on our years of design experience and our knowledge of products, space layout and construction to craft a design that meets their budgets and goals.

Unless the budget is unlimited, which is almost never the case, we help our clients stretch their budget dollars by paring down must-haves. Experience has taught us that warming drawers and steam secondary ovens are not frequently used appliances. They are nice to have and can really make a kitchen stand out, but their form typically outweighs their functionality. We find that a double oven can provide the same benefit as a warming drawer, especially for couples who work late hours and families with children engaged in after-school activities. One oven can be used for meal preparation and the other can be used to keep meals warm, providing the same benefit as a warming drawer without the extra expense. Plus, double ovens can be a real bonus if you entertain frequently or your home is the place for holiday celebrations and extended family gatherings.

Regardless of your budget, every new kitchen deserves an element that turns heads, that makes a distinctive design statement and that reflects the personality of the family member who uses the kitchen most often. This might be achieved with a dramatic lighting fixture, a statement-making backsplash or countertops adorned with rare hardwood.

Clients with smaller spaces can more easily stretch budget dollars because the diminutive size limits the number of cabinets that can be used in the space. This frees up budget dollars for distinctive appliances, lighting, backsplashes, plumbing fixtures or flooring.

Open shelving can help stretch budget dollars without compromising the look or functionality of space, providing necessary storage without the expense of an enclosed or glass-front cabinet. Full over-lay door styles typically require less of an investment than an inset cabinet. Quartz countertops are hot, but if the budget is tight, we often can find a granite alternative that provides a similar look and feel at less cost.

Cabinet hardware is another opportunity to stretch budget dollars. Cabinet hardware is jewelry for cabinet doors and drawers. We know of many options that provide a luxurious look without requiring a fortune to achieve it.

Our showroom understands how to stretch budget dollars and help our clients prioritize what is most important for their new kitchen. Wondering if your kitchen budget is reasonable given your goals? Please call us at (401) 526-4173 to discuss your goals and we will work with you to make sure that they are achievable within your budget. Better yet, make an appointment to visit our showroom at 2949 Hartford Avenue Johnston RI so we can show you where investments can be minimized without compromising a great look and functionality.