Industrial chic is one of the hottest trends in Rhode Island bathroom design. A good example of the industrial look in the bathroom is Zitta’s Materia Shower Enclosure. The enclosure was honored by the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association as its 2018 Fixture of the Year. Inspired by the industrial look of the Roaring Twenties, this shower enclosure features unique matte black framed shower doors with black aluminum strips finished on both sides and sealed on the outside of the glass. We would pair this framed shower enclosure with subway tile, hanging sconces and a wood-accented double vanity (space permitting) with pulls and knobs in a warm metal finish to create a stunning look and feel.

Exposed pipes and trough sinks are standard features of industrial-inspired baths. One key to making the industrial look work is to embrace the mantra that less is more. We advise our clients to be judicious in their use of decorative pieces in an industrial motif. Industrial style requires paying attention to the design’s raw, unfinished components such as combining a wood ceiling with exposed plumbing or drawing attention to framed shower doors. We recommend playing up the bathroom’s aesthetic by adding accents wherever possible without overdoing them.

Another opportunity to make a bold, attention-drawing statement is to use industrial-themed materials such as a concrete countertop and/or sink and/or galvanized metal bathroom fixtures and tubs. Wooden shelves can be used along with woven baskets, small galvanized buckets or other containers to finish an industrial bath look.

Industrial design typically lends itself to the use of dark tones including black, metal, brick and wood in combination with white and neutral tones. Adding pops of color and polished metal adds warmth to the bath and also dynamic energy. Again, less is more when using pops of color work in an industrial bathroom. You don’t want a bright color to become a focal point.

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