One of the most frustrating things in any home is having a claustrophobic kitchen space. Luckily, there are ways to eliminate cramped kitchens and transform it into a cleaner and more usable space.

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In the meantime, consider the following options to transform your claustrophobic kitchen into an inviting and usable space.


If you have a small kitchen, instead of crowding it with an island or a regular kitchen table, invest in a wall mounted, fold down table. Fold down tables are great for a food prep surface and can also be used to replace your normal dinner table. These allow you to fold the surface right back into the wall resulting in a cleaner and more uncluttered kitchen.


Make the most of your drawer space by installing 2 tiered slidable drawers! More often than not, you’ll find yourself sticking those long utensils in a vase around your kitchen because you just don’t have an extra drawer. Well now, you don’t need an extra drawer; just a slidable drawer shelf!


A cramped kitchen doesn’t always mean a small one; sometimes we simply run out of storage space for those extra pots and pans. Because of this, those pots and pans just end up staying on the top of your stove making your kitchen seemed cluttered and more closed in. To avoid this, install a pegboard on your kitchen wall and use that to hang those pots and pans that otherwise would not have a home.


Perhaps one of the most creative ideas to transform your kitchen into useable space is to use your refrigerator as a magnet for your spices. Getting rid of that old spinning spice rack that is taking up precious counter space and instead, utilize that empty side of your fridge!


Nobody really knows why cabinet designers make drawers that don’t actually open, but you don’t have to keep it that way! Take the drawer below your sink that is plastered shut and turn it into a pull-down drawer for extra sink storage! This is where you can hide all of those sponges and scrub brushes and cramp up your counter.



You know that drawer that has all of those little extra miscellaneous things like lighters, matches, pens, and hair ties? Keep it! One of the best ways to un-cramp your kitchen is merely to declutter it. Instead of having all those little extras lying around the countertop and falling on the floor, throw them in a junk drawer and keep them out of sight!


Chances are, your backsplash is completely empty. So, why not use that space for extra storage? Storage rails are a great accessory that allows you to hang kitchen towels, mugs, and anything else that would otherwise cramp up your kitchen.


Cramped kitchens can be a real drag, making even the simplest of cooking chores a real and literal pain. If you’re interested in kitchen design and remodeling options to improve your workable space, give the team at Northeast Kitchen & Flooring Center in Rhode Island a call today.